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Support Us

Offerings 支援(献金)の方法





■店番号 103 山本支店

■口座番号 普通 7464715

■口座名義 イワハシリョウスケ


Support Us

Thank you for your generous

 support to Cross Place.

How to give offerings to Cross Place


 Instructions to give using Paypal

1.Click PayPal Logo above.

   And login to your Paypal account

2.Click the “send money” button

    ( You can find this in the Menu )

3.On the “send money” screen type

   the church’s email into the box –

4.Type in the amount to be sent and

   press continue on the confirmation

  page click  “Send payment  now”

Thank you for your offerings!

(Sorry...., No TAX deduction for

  your offering )

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